Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Publication Available

New Urban Arts has published a new resource guide for educators, artists and young people that details curriculum from a thematic based summer arts program for high school students. The publication’s format allows readers to adapt activities from our Summer Art Inquiry into any educational environment or individual artist’s creative practice.

New Urban Arts annual Summer Art Inquiry invites scholars, artists and high school students to spend July and August collectively exploring a common theme from a multi-disciplinary standpoint including research, art-making, creative writing and personal inquiry. Themes change each summer and explore the human experience as it intersects with creative practice. This summer's theme was the art of the archive.

The Program Resource Guide from the 2009 Art Inquiry is available for purchase online at cost value. "Collections" is a 68 page paperback book (7.44" x 9.68") with saddle-stitch binding and full-color interior ink. To buy a copy of the book, visit our Lulu store here. The resource guide can be downloaded at no cost here.


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