Tuesday, November 03, 2009

We're Here in D.C.!

Hello All!

This is Adrienne here to update you on all the happenings that are going to be going on this week in D.C. The Art Ambush Team just got into Washington D.C. It was a crazy day of traveling, but we're all here nice and safe. It actually went quite smoothly! Everyone has been keeping in touch with everyone else all throughout the day. Unfortunately the art bus couldn't make it down, but it's all good! Andrew made it home ok, we met up with Tamara, and Jason and Rosalia are all good. Jason and Rosalia saw Edward Norton and Kal Penn during the reception at the Kennedy Center! It was pretty crazy how fast we drove through the city; Maryland to D.C. to Virginia, and within like 20 minutes! haha. We're all having dinner right now and then off to beddy time. On the agenda for tomorrow, we're waking up bright and early and we're going to take the train into the city where we will meet up with Andrew. We'll set up at the mall and let the art making beginning!!!
OK, so I'll check in later tomorrow! Night



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