Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Join this year's mail art project at New Urban Arts

We’re tall. We want to tell you how.

Tall (definition)
2 a: high in stature b: of a specified height
3 a: of considerable height (tall trees) b: long from bottom to top (a tall book) c: of a higher growing variety
4 a: large or formidable in amount, extent or degree

We stand taller than before. Charting our progression with pencil marks on pitted door frames. We grow by the moment. Changing ourselves, changing our context, transforming. The tales we speak are tall indeed. We shout them, our heads visible above the standing crowd, yelling change, grow, stretch. We change and we grow and we stretch.

You are taller, too. We want to know how.

Artists often consider value scales to be a fundamental aspect of their creative practice. A value scale is a series of tints and shade of one color, starting with white or the lightest tint on one end and gradually changing to the darkest shade or black on the other. This is an instrument of measurement, a tool through which change is made apparent, a visual representation of growth and progression.

Using a long strip of white paper (3inches X 18 inches) as your canvas, illustrate your own growth. Think of the way in which a value scale graduates from one color to something completely different on the other side, how one identity gently emerges from another. How have you changed, grown, stretched? How has your identity evolved slowly, incrementally, until an entirely different person is revealed on the other side?

Ask yourself: How have I become better, changed, transformed in my life? How have I become taller than I was in the past? Represent this progression in any way you want on the paper provided. There are no rules. Simply tell us your story.

Before Wednesday, March 10, please send us your piece to New Urban Arts at 743 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903. Your story will be part of a collective story of growing.

Mail Art is an annual tradition at New Urban Arts, started in 2003 by artist in resident Holly Ewald and Program Director Tamara Kaplan, where we ask students, artist mentors and the New Urban Arts community to engage in visual dialogue.
Email info@newurbanarts.org if you have questions.


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