Saturday, April 24, 2010

An Interview with Maria and Rosa

Maria and Rosa are among the many alumni who came here tonight to volunteer. But that's not all! Maria and Rosa are credited with STARTING the annual NUA Lock-In! I figured it would be pretty relevant to sit down and talk with them in their off-time.

Why is there a lock-in in the first place?

R: "Honestly, we were thinking about being [in the studio] all day. They close the studio at seven, and we were thinking, why couldn't we be there any longer? They said it was because no one would stay here, but we knew people would want to stay."
M: "Yeah, after seven we have nothing to do at all. We were thinking that we should stay here overnight!"
R: "We told Tyler the next day and he apparently said that people had been wanting to do a lock-in but we never really thought anyone would do it. So we took it in our hands to do it. We were kinda iffy about people actually signing up."

The first lock-in turned out to be a hit.

R: "Staying overnight is more exciting! We got the concept because [Maria] used to do stuff like that for her church, so we brought the idea here."

What kind of stuff did you do in your first lock-in?

M: "My favorite was the mosaic!"
R: "Yeah we had someone come in and break dishes and stuff and it was really fun.
M: "...egg dyeing..."
R: "That was around the time that Tyler's wife was pregnant, so we had Pin the Baby on Tyler! We also had a scavenger hunt at the beginning."

That's right, that wonderful scavenger hunt that kicked us off is no new feature for the lock-in.

Were you guys able to sleep at all the first time?

M and R: "NO!"

This great tradition is still going strong and these two women are proud to have it as part of their legacy. Rosa even travelled all the way from New York THIS EVENING to take part in her own special NUA event. This event creates a sense of community and it is this humble reporter's hope that the NUA Lock-In goes on for all time.


Blogger tdenmead said...

`people had been wanting to do a lock-in but we never really thought anyone would do it' --- Doesn't this makes me sound like some kind of brilliant mentor who provoked Maria and Rosa to follow their lock-in dreams and transform New Urban Arts all night and forever?

In reality, I probably told both of them that a lock-in sounds like a horrible idea because someone may get lost in the basement and never ever come out again. And, I never believed that the lock-in would ever happen, despite all those committee meetings. And, I certainly couldn't stay up all night to witness it even if it did, normally being in bed before the lock-in even starts.

2:01 AM  
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