Friday, April 23, 2010

The Scavenger Hunt

While the studio began to fill up with more students, volunteers, and mentors, three brave mentors grouped the present students into teams to set out into Providence and embark on a scavenger hunt. I tagged along with a team (aptly dubbed Team Awesome) to feel the energy of the group. Team Awesome was comprised of:

-Artist mentor Caitlin Saharek

The scavenger hunt was created by another student, Kimchua, and had teams looking for such diverse items as the "Signature of someone with an N, U and A in their name (not from someone at the lock-in)" or simply a paper clip.

Immediately after the countdown, Team Awesome headed out the door amidst cheers from our very own Jason Yoon. It was a hectic rush as the team decided which direction to go, seeing as they only had 20 minutes to complete their task. I served as the trusty time counter, giving live updates on how much longer we had. The sun was beginning to go down and the beautiful sky light kept us pumped.

Along the way, I talked with Jackson, a senior at Classical High School, and a member of the Studio Team Advisory Board. When asked why he was interested in spending twelve art-filled hours at New Urban arts, he replied that it was an obvious choice because of all of the "new things" he knew he would be learning and trying out. This is Jackson's second year participating in the Lock-In and he feels quite confident that he can keep up with the activities all through the night, as he did last year. If he is in danger of falling asleep, he has his good pal Kimchua to keep him awake.

Sadly, Team Awesome was not the victor of the event, but that wasn't the point in the slightest! Well, maybe a little bit. But still, it was a fun bonding experience and a good insight into what this whole crazy festival has to offer.


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