Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Organizing for Creative Practice

We hope you will join us for our upcoming Conversation on Creative Practice. Wednesday 3/24 at 7pm at New Urban Arts 743 Westminster.

Abigail Satinsky of InCUBATE ( will moderate a conversation on Organizing for Creative Practice. Other discussers will include several fine folks of Building 16 (Dan Schleifer, Susan Sakash & Tatyana Yanishevsky), and I hope you will come to talk about the various projects you're organizing towards, or wistfully daydreaming about.

More and more, I'm convinced that creative practice is literally world making, and there are lots of different ways to make the world. This morning, I encountered folks making breakfast for friends, others making a window installation, another deinstalling hundreds of portraits, and someone writing a play about sticks. I'm scribbling notes about making things with teenagers and finishing another lantern. There is hope embedded in all of these acts. And I think the hope is that our inner and outer worlds shift or vibrate differently and also, probably, that someone else's world vibrates with us - even a little bit.

So that's a tiny bit on making, but what are the structures and resources that help these people, these ideas, and this work, to enter the world? How do we work with current institutions, in spaces between institutions, and also invent our own spaces as need be in back yards, attics, or alongside a riverbed? Where do we find the people, time, and funds to build the worlds that we want to see? And with all of this dreamy stuff, what are some barriers and how might we renavigate or dismantle them?

That's what we're talking about on Wednesday, and I am so pleased to have both Abigail Satinsky from InCUBATE and fine folks of Building 16 speak with us about how they've worked around and inside of these questions. InCUBATE acts as curators, researchers and co-producers of artists' projects both in Chicago and nationally. Building 16 operates a studio space, gathering place, and performance venue (by donation) for local and national artists. And your voices will be welcome additions in this and all of our Conversations on Creative Practice.

Oh! And there will be snacks. Possibly very special ones. Looking forward to seeing you and yours. Its free. Its at 7. March 24th. Wednesday. At our very favorite New Urban Arts.

Please do spread the word.



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