Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did we ever tell you about the monster under the bed?

We give a lot of tours of the studio, mostly given by our students. Sometimes alumni, artist mentors, fellows and staff pitch in too. Everyone has a different approach to giving a tour of our space and telling its story.

Most of them all have one thing in common though.

We hardly ever, almost never, take people downstairs to see our basement. Some people will be involved at New Urban Arts for years before even learning there is a basement.

Others are more daring. Last year, one of the artist mentors went on a scavenger hunt in the basement with her students and they returned with a loom! The next few months were spent learning to use it and sharing the story of the day the basement gifted us a loom.

Residue and remains from the years since New Urban Arts first started have accumulated to something of a mess! Remember Muncho from 2005? He lives in the basement. And the giant pac man costume too!

It's sort of become our monster under the bed.

Until artist mentor, Isaac Wingfield, took on an ambitious, summer-long project and gave our long-neglected basement a makeover.


We share this story now, to inspire any upcoming spring cleaning efforts of your own.

Thank you Isaac!

Check out our online photo archive for more pictures of the basement overhaul from last summer.