Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Announcing Our 2010 Sandra Olson Award Winners

Thank you to all of you who submitted your incredibly passionate and thoughtful nominations for the Sandra Olson Awards.

It is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to read about all the different contributions people are making to making New Urban Arts what it is. It is also one of the most difficult times of the year because there are nominations for so many different people, which is a sign to me of how much everyone here gives above and beyond what is expected of them!

But after careful conversations and thought of the event committee, three honorees in each of the three categories became pretty clear. I want to share with you the 2010 Sandra Olson award winners! The quotes are excerpts from their nominations.

--Jason Yoon, Executive Director

Individual staff, student, alumni category: Rosalia Velis, Alumnus
“She has put her best foot forward with much grace this year, but for many years she has cared for the studio and the people in it. She reaches deep inside herself for us and keeps reaching.”

Volunteer category: Angelo Manioudakis, Board Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

“New Urban Arts is in a sound and stable position because of his work in the last six years. He has consistently given time and leadership far above and beyond what would be expected of any nonprofit board member.”

Business/organization category: Andy Cutler, Cutler & Company
“Andy Cutler essentially volunteered enough hours to be considered a New Urban Arts PR staff person during the months leading up to the Coming Up Taller ceremony! He is dedicated to the creative and entrepreneurial energy of all young people in Providence.”

About the Sandra Olson Awards: New Urban Arts introduced the Sandra Olson Awards in 2002 to recognize individuals and organizations that demonstrate extraordinary commitment to New Urban Arts.Extraordinary contributions of time, expertise, money, energy, or support – often given without solicitation- qualify recipients. The award also honors Sandra Olson, who once mailed New Urban Arts a $2 check each week over the course of two years. Her gifts totaled over $250.

Past winners are:
2002 - Peter Hocking, Jephry Floral Studio, Marly Louis, Echoing Green Foundation
2003 – Kathleen Connolly, Jason Yoon, Gasbarro’s Wines
2004 – Jesse Banks III, White Electric, Craftland
2005 – Michael Fournier, Kedrin Frias, Jennifer Rice, Cornish Associates
2006 – Priscilla Carrion, White Whale Web Services, Tamara Kaplan, Judy Vilmain
2007- John Tabor Jacobson, Mary Adewusi, Esther Chak, Simon Moore, Jack Richter
2008 - Sarah Meyer, Myrth York, Aneudy Alba, Andrew Oesch
2009 – Deborah Obalil, Mathias Arling, Vilmain Inc., Erik Gould

Congratulations Rosalia, Angelo and Andy! We are so grateful for all of your work!


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