Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Employment Opportunities for Alumni

New Urban Arts is now accepting applications for part-time summer positions dedicated to providing alumni students with summer work opportunities. These positions are contingent on available funding.

Job Title: Open Studio Mentor
Program: Open Studio
Schedule: Monday through Thursday; 4:00-7:00pm
Start/End Date: July 12 - August 12, 2010
Hourly Wage: $12/hour

Job Description: The Open Studio Mentors support the Summer Studio Coordinator and Studio Manager in building relationships with current and prospective students who attend Open Studio hours during summer programming. They engage high school students in developing their creative practice through introducing new media and techniques, providing instruction on use of the darkroom and silk screen studio, and encouraging students to design and implement long-term projects. They model effective use of a community based studio environment, promoting respect and responsibility for studio space and peers using the space. They build relationships with youth participants, responding to the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of our students. The Open Studio Mentors maintain a well-resourced, efficient, inclusive and values driven studio space capable of supporting a growing, self-directed learning community for young people. They strive to foster a rewarding workplace that is stimulating, trusting, and results-oriented, where the mission of New Urban Arts can thrive.
Position Requirements: These positions are designated for a graduate of New Urban Arts yearlong arts mentoring after-school program. Preference is given to candidates who were active participants as high school students over multiple years. A strong desire or interest in arts education, arts administration, teaching or community organizing is preferred but not required. Strong candidates demonstrate sustainable creative practice, leadership and communication skills, are self-motivated and work well in a rapidly changing environment. Priority is given to alumni who can demonstrate skills in darkroom photography and/or silk screen printing.

How to Apply: Please send a cover letter and resume via email or mail by Friday, May 28 to: New Urban Arts, 743 Westminster Street, Providence RI 02907, sarah@newurbanarts.org, phone: (401) 751-556. Alumni will be contacted for an interview in early June. Orientation training will be held in late June.


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