Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Mall Art Ambush Went Well!!

Check out our pictures on Facebook and flicker from the art making workshops on the Washington, D.C. Mall.

The Art Ambush team woke up bright and early this morning and we made our way to the National Mall. There we met up with Andrew around 10am and we set up shop in front of the National Gallery! We had several art making workshops going on. We had the "Clothesline for Change...I remember..." where we got people to come and finish the prompt with a memory and then they'd tie the tag to the clothesline. We were also making sumi ink drawings, where you blow the ink onto the paper with a straw. Then with color markers you can continue to add to it and make another image. And we were also making quick art books. The day went really well. We had a good turn out. Lots of were people having their daily jog, lots of students and tourists. We passed out lots of NUA newsletters, Flip zines, and business cards.

So what is next on the agenda? We're back at the hotel now, getting ready for tonight. We are off to Capitol Hill at the Senate Visitors' Center to celebrate the Coming Up Taller Award!!! We're going to be having more workshops there at the reception too.


Blogger Dessert Jack said...

Yay NUA! I wish I could be there. New Urban Arts has come so far since 1997 when Tyler and I were sitting in a dorm room, talking big.

Be yourself! Express yourself! Change yourself! Be yourself! Express yourself!

Marcus Civin

6:22 PM  

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