Friday, November 02, 2007

How to Make a Super Cute Altoid Can Compact

Congratulations to student Rebecca Volynsky for getting this 'recipe' in VENUS Magazine.

How to Make a Super Cute Altoid Can Compact
by Rebecca Volynsky


Altoid Cans (appx. $2)
Golden Regular Gel Gloss (appx. $8 for 8 oz)
A rather thick paint brush (appx. $2)
*Gold acrylic paint (appx. $5 for 8 oz)
Cute paper/magazine cutouts
*1.5 x 3 in cut mirror pieces (appx. $1 each)
* = optional


1. Begin by brushing a small dollop of the gel medium on it the top
cover of the altoid can. Don’t put on too much because it will
get too gloopy, so you might even want to mix in a drop of water.
2. Glue down a cutout. It’s easier if you begin at the edges, which
are always the tough spots. Make sure that the corners are
folded neatly over one another, or else it will get too bulky.
3. Once you are done with the top, do the same with the bottom of
the Altoid can. It’s important to have the can closed at this
point. This is because if you collage on the top part of the
outside edges, the Altoid can won’t close (even if there’s only
a small layer of glue!).
4. Let everything dry for a bit once you are finished.
5. This part is optional. You can either collage the bottom of the
can (or the entire inside of it), or you can paint it with
acrylic paint.
6. Cut out a couple of 1.7 cm strips of paper and begin lining the
inside edges of the Altoid can. Try not to get any glue inside
of the hinges, because it will be very difficult to pick it out.
7. This part is optional as well. You can order (or cut your own)
1.5 x 3 in mirror pieces at your local glass factory. It’s
rather expensive, but it makes the Altoid can even more functional!

Insert change, gloss, notes, keys, paper clips, cigs, and anything else!