Friday, June 26, 2009

Clothing Swap!

Super Summer Clothing Swap, This Saturday June, 27th from 12-5pm at New Urban Arts Studio

Come get free clothes, reduce clothing waste (secondhand is a form of recycling), and have summer fun at the Super Summer Clothing Swap! Hosted by New Urban Arts student, Hannah Lutz Winkler the Super Summer Clothing Swap will take place on Saturday, June 27th from 12 noon to 5pm.

In my work with recycled fashion, I have come to realize that the clothing we throw or give away is a valuable resource. why not close the need-waste gap with free exchange? Giving away clothing to our fellow Providencians, we might be able to spot that sweater we never wore happily clothing someone we see in a coffee shop, or at the library, or walking down the street.

This event takes place at New Urban Arts, 743, Westminster Street, Providence, RI. It is free and open to the public. To be able to receive clothes, participants must bring at least one item of unwanted clothing to the swap (although bringing more is encouraged).

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hive+New Urban Arts+Providence Art Windows

During Spring Break Week in April, six women artists from The Hive Archive invited six young women artists from New Urban Arts to design and fabricate a sculptural installation that celebrates the creative voices of women and girls in Rhode Island for Providence Art Windows, a juried art exhibit that fills 10 empty retail spaces in Downtown Providence.

The Hive artists began the project by exploring inner narratives of empowerment and inspiration with their partners at New Urban Arts. Each pair created a collaborative piece for a series of six pieces that define a story, a physical space, or an artistic process that provokes each artist to make art. Each piece uses the hexagon of a honeycomb to tie the individual pieces together in one narrative.

The Hive Archive believes that the sum of a whole is greater than the individual parts and that people sharing ideas, skills and resources will always lead to actions greater than those of any individual. This theme is central to Hexacomb, in which twelve individual voices come together to inspire a greater movement of women in the arts in Rhode Island.

View the Hexacomb Window at the intersection of Eddy and Westminster Streets in downtown Providence from June 12 through September 4. For more information about Providence Art Windows, and to download a current map, click here. Click here to learn more about the Hive Archive.

Hive Artists

Deb DeMarco

Heather Guidero

Jori Ketten

Kirsten Lamb

Monica Shinn

Alyssa Holland Short

New Urban Arts Artists

Amanda Abreu

Ginger Avila

Alyce Brown

Ava Ginsburg

Kelsea Ricard

Sara Tolbert

An Interview on Design Sponge

An interview with Peter Hocking, Arts Mentoring Fellow on Design Sponge.

Here is an excerpt:

How is art at NUA different from art that these students receive in school?

PH: New Urban Arts operates more like a professional studio – enabling learners and practitioners to follow an idea, impulse or line of inquiry in a way that enables discovery and unanticipated learning. Most art curriculums are focused on teaching a curriculum of skills – regardless of context or the particular needs and interests of learners. While school-based arts education programs have tremendous value for students wishing to pursue post-secondary education in the arts, they can emphasize technique over creative process. Community Arts programs, especially for students who are also receiving school-based arts education, allow learners to elaborate on the content that matters to them and to begin the process of connecting their creative skills with other areas in their life – for example, applying creative problem solving to questions that may not immediately call for creativity.