Monday, July 26, 2010

Poets In Public Places visit our studio

On Thursday July 22, New Urban Arts received a special visit from Poets in Public Places a project of Sound Session 2010. Spoken word performances and a Q&A panel was followed by poetry writing workshops and a “slam experience” featuring our students' writings.

Below is a piece written and performed that day after a workshop with Regie Gibson where he introduced his poem Godholler and kennings, a literary devise that acts as a compressed form of metaphor where an object is described in a two-word phrase.

Thank you to all the poets who visited our studio, including Christopher Johnson, Indigo Bethea, Marlon Carey, Maximus Parthus and Regie Gibson!!

By Legend Lowell

Noun. A walk in which a thought takes form when a person takes time from the shallow depths of life to escape into another land. When I take my thick black sweater into the summer night and escape with the boy whom took my heart and my mind wanders onto the street. The origin which began when people discovered the emotion of failure and walked with themselves as their thoughts exploded into fire. Verb. To walk and let your mind collect ideas and emotion. As in when a young girl of eight disappears into the night and becomes one with the inner workings of her mind. Noun. A want in the back of a teenage girl’s head as she writes a poem.